March to August 2010

Companis started its Lunch Club’ in March 2010 to provide a relaxed, social platform to test curatorial ideas, try out recipes and undertake art experiments. The lunches take place in the home of one of Companis’ Directors.

Lunch club diners to date have included:

Laura McDermott, Lara Ratnaraja, Laura Coult, Justin Wiggan, Elizabeth Hawley, Jo Capper, Deb Kermode, Mark Hancock, Pip McKnight, Andrew Tims, Abigail Duffty, Olivia Winteringham, Jayne Bradley.

LUNCH CLUB MENUS, March to July 2010:

Lunch Club menu MARCH

Lunch Club menu – APRIL

Lunch Club menu – MAY

Lunch Club Menu – JUNE

Lunch Club Menu – JULY


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