Eastside Cafe, Birmingham

12 noon – 2pm, 21 to 30 October 2011

Diners were sensually challenged by a series of lunch boxes akin to Flux-kits, complete with step-by-step instructions ranging from the very logical to the utterly ridiculous, including a box entitled, ‘How to make a mess’, encompassing whipping cream, meringue, fresh berries, a whisk, a pair of goggles and a toffee hammer. Instructions were as follows:

How to Make a Mess

1)    Remove items from box

2)    Apply whisk to cream and whip

3)    Sigh (of exhilaration, exhaustion or excitement)

4)    Take hold of hammer and meringue

5)    Apply hammer to meringue and smash

6)    Take strawberries in hand and squeeze

7)    Using hands, combine ingredients in box

8)    Devour via hands

9)    Moan with delight

Guerilla Gastronomy was held at Eastside Café as part of The Event, and a fringe activity of Birmingham’s Food Fest.


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