Aboard Ikon’s Slow Boat, Birmingham

20 August 2011

For one night only Ikon Gallery’s ‘Slow Boat’ played host to FLOATING FEAST by Companis, a supper developed in response to Birmingham’s watery urban landscape. Taking inspiration from the canal’s contents and surroundings Companis, with assistance from Ikon’s Youth Programme, devised décor and a menu to challenge the eye and palette.

The menu took inspiration from the canals and fictional narratives were created for menu titles and descriptions – all served without cutlery, encouraging mess and interaction of diners whilst pushing the boundaries of sharing and personal space amongst strangers. Diners were invited to consume a ‘Canal Water’ aperitif whilst revelling in the newly discovered ‘health benefits’ of Birmingham canal water. Other courses included ‘Bilge Water’ (soup), Filter-Feeder Salad ‘nourished by heavy metals’ (fresh water crustaceans), ‘Bird Splattered Mess’ (Eton Mess) and Grappled Treasure and Sludge’ (coffee and truffles), alluding to the grittier side of the canal network.





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