The Vaults, as part of ARC, Birmingham

September 2010

‘Bawdyville’ was an evening of absurdly arresting gestures, one-on-one performances and installation, laced with a healthy dose of humour and frivolity.

Bawdyville took place at The Vaults – once a wire house, a brewery and rumoured to have been a workhouse or womens prison. Companis took the audience on a sublimely, sensuous, subterranean journey through this unusual, underground venue, punctuated with a series of interactive performances and installations to intrigue, beguile and cause hilarity!

Visitors were invited to embrace the forbidden, the ludicrous and to partake in mischief with abandon! However, things were not what be what they first seemed, and promises of private lap dancing, exquisite chocolate truffles and groans of pleasure were soon dispelled.

Commissioned artists, performers and collaborators included Abigail Duffty, Antonio Roberts, Chaz ‘Saintly Sin’ Farmer, Emily Ayres, Olivia Zetterstrom-Sharp, Graeme Rose, Cara Gould, Cassey North, Becci Snape, Lin Nuiju and Theatre and Professional Practice students at Coventry University.



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